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I've been terribly busy and has ignored most of the comments on my previous post.

See what I did there?

But honestly, work is as usual trying to kill me. I don't mean to ignore you, my little possums.

In other news, we've shelved books like mad and kitty Josefin shelved herself. Right after Erica Jong. My cat can haz alphabets!


Jan. 14th, 2009 10:17 pm
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Hypothetically, some really really dreadfully horribly annoying retarded aura-stroking arsehole whose existence you had completely forgotten finds you on Facebook and pokes you, but does not add you to his friends. Hypothetically, can you perhaps pretend you never noticed the stupid poke thing?
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So, what do you do when you've a) bought a ton of new bookshelves, b) shelved a ton of books that have lived in boxes for ages and made you squee and go "I didn't even know we had that!" and c) bought a ton of new books?

You re-read sodding Katharine Kerr, that's what. For about the twentieth time.

What's wrong with me?!

I have a new Natsuo Kirino, I have a lovely travel book-ish history of Europe, I never finished Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time, I have the de Toqueville book I got for Christmas, I have the history of Johnson's dictionary, I have the collected works of Alexander Kielland and haven't read half of them, and I go read Kerr again.

Maybe it's just that I'm tired and still a bit influenza'ed, I crave light and extremely easily read entertainment.

Backing up

Jan. 7th, 2009 08:57 am
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While I'm definitely not panicking, this LJ Herald post had me thinking a bit. And then I stumbled upong CommieJournal via a crocheting community, of all things (and no, it's not about communism).

Since I'm sick (flu-esque symptoms, gah) and don't have anything else to do, I'm gonna get myself a CJ account and fiddle with LJ-SEC a bit, I think.

ETA: argh LJ-SEC. Argh argh argh.

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I don't cook. No, really.

I was a semi-competent cook back in the day, but some years ago I went on cooking strike. I had completely lost confidence in my own cooking skills, and hardly dared to heat readymade food because I'd do even that wrong. My husband has never complained about having to make dinner every day, by the way. He seems fully aware of his significant contribution to my refusing to do any cooking.

Not cooking ever means I've basically lost every bit of skill I had around kitchens, baking not included. I can make pancakes and omelettes and fry various meat thingies, that's about it, although I have cooked proper food for myself from time to time when the husband's been away. However, I don't even dare thinking about trying to make stuff like the ultra tasty creamy onion soup I used to make when I was 20-ish. I'd fuck it up from sheer nervousness.

Behold my immense pride when today I made absolutely delicious cauliflower soup. Shit, I haven't made anything from scratch in about eight years. Nine, maybe? And now I have, again. And nothing was fucked up. And the husband who used to complain like seven hells about my rice helped himself to more than was good for him.

I have to pull myself together and cook if I want to eat more vegetarian, and I do want that. A lot of meat makes me slightly queasy and I'd prefer to replace it with vegetables. I'll never go full out vegetarian, though, unless lacto-ovo-bacono-vegetarian becomes an accepted subgroup.

It took quite a bit of time to decide that I need to become able to cook again to actually taking the plunge and daring to serve another person something I made from scratch. Now I feel ridiculously accomplished for something that's such a small thing to everybody else.

Another step in a right, veg-y direction is that we've ordered a bi-weekly crate of organic fruit, veg and eggs. The quality of the fruit and vegetables in our local grocery store is so-so at best, unfortunately. I'm looking forward to getting a surprise crate delivered, and unbelievably, I'm looking forward to digging up recipes for whatever vegetables we get when they've arrived.

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Renaming! My proper journal is now [livejournal.com profile] lectrix_lecti. Goodbye [livejournal.com profile] terminal_beach, goodbye Ballard and JAMC connotations. Hello the reader(ess) on the couch.

The book journal is now ex_lectrixsomethingwhatever and will be kept on hiatus forever and ever. Irritatingly, there was no way to merge the two journals. Ah well.

Let's begin by casually mentioning that I'm reading Scott Lynch's Red Seas under Red Skies, and here I was going to (still casually) use Lynch's LJ username, but that turned the entire title into a username, so... it's [livejournal.com profile] scott_lynch. There. Gah.

Since the Russians seem to mostly behave themselves, and at least behave a great deal better than 6A, I've also forked out for 12 months of Paid Account-ness. OHGOD USERPICS. *clings to, gropes and licks icons*


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Okay, okay, everybody thinks 2008 book polls are made of win and awesome, fine. Can you all please be done with them now? My friends page is ALL book polls (and some knitting posts).

That's a general "you", by the way. My friends list doesn't seem to be affected by the poll craze. it's just the bloody book communities that are haunted by pollhappy readers.

And it adds to my guilt for neglecting my book blog and my Goodreads and what have you. *cough*
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I'm back from four days in Ye Olde Hometowne, and I'm perhaps a little less exhausted despite Ye Olde Family Celebration. Granted, it doesn't take much to be less exhausted than I've been the last couple of weeks.

The husband gave me a gorgeous silver bracelet and Alexis de Tocqueville's The Ancien Regime and the Revolution, he really is wonderful at picking presents. He seemed quite happy with receiving a leather bag (well, ecstatic about that) and a collection of interviews with Tom Waits (who's the most wonderfully entertaining liar in all interviews). One of his nephews gave Kitty a rat-like toy which scared her shitless. A friend of mine gave me a tiny dark blue glass bowl stamped with the name of an ancient dynamite manufacturer, of all hilarious and marvellous little things.

The mother-in-law shaped hole in Christmas was very much present, but apparently bearable for father-in-law.

I have the cutest nephews. Whenever I've met them I feel this odd urge to learn how to make a little heart in an LJ post.

Now I'm all alone, blessedly alone, until husband and cat return tomorrow. And I am blessedly off work until the 2nd, which was also supposed to be a day off, but still.

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That is all, really. I'll do something blog-esque when I've recovered after Insane Workload (and I do mean insane, it's the worst ever). Only one more day until what should have been two weeks off but ends up as one and a half week off.
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I've had it with massive, yet leader-supported, idiocy.

I've had it with being ignored and especially with having my field ignored, except when morons who know shit about my field waddle all over it and get applauded for their "good" (i.e. impressively awful) work.

I've had it with ignorance and arrogance and disloyalty to colleagues.

I'm reading job ads, oh yes I am.
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Weather forecast: headaches and hardcore irritation all week, perhaps slight relief on Thursday.

Fuck how I hate the glaring low-angled sun of September-March. Bugger this infernal pain behind my eye sockets, thin and blunt, like knitting needles sloooowly burrowing deeper into my brain. Bugger suddenly losing every resemblance of a fuse and ending up constantly nearly decapitating co-workers, friends, husbands and random strangers. Bugger crawling into the shadow, lightheaded with sweet relief, only to glance up and get a facefull of reflected sun from a window, cue knitting needles behind my eye sockets starting to splinter.

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Now that I've tidied a bit, pampered my plants, transferred my various knitting and crocheting tools from ratty KaDeWe plastic bag into rather more aesthetically pleasing old Chinese lacquer box (it was my grandmother's and it's a knock-off if there ever was one, but it's dear to me), done the dishes and the laundry and settled down from the upheaval of Friday, it's time to make a post. And what do you know, it will be a macro post.

There are things you see, in real life, that just makes you fervently wish there was such a thing as a RL fail macro equivalent. When I see someone proudly sporting a Very Expensive Brand t-shirt, nicely matched with ratty H&M jeans and a cheap and too-shiny jacket (and, gods forbid, a Louis Vuitton knock-off bag), I cringe. I want to smack them over their heads with a poster version of this: )

If you want to pay for a label, then fucking pay for it already. Don't traipse around in a not-so-impressive-quality t-shirt, unlovingly made by little Chinese children's sore fingers, with a logo slapped on it.

Just as bad; you wear the nasty expensive t-shirt because it's the only item that designer makes that fits you. In that case, go buy some nice clothes that fit you instead, ridiculously price-inflating brand or not.

There is one rule for brand clothes: The logo or name shall not be visible anywhere on clothing.

Repeat that: the logo or name shall not be visible anywhere.

Now write it down somewhere. Use a fat red pen.

Jeans may have little tags on the back pocket and the like. Discreet placement of the logo is a given. If the logo is not so discreet that it's nearly unnoticeable, the designer deserves to be smacked over the head with a poster version of this: )

This has been a pet peeve since the 80's. Yes, I did in fact own a Ball sweatshirt. And a pair of Poco Loco jeans. And several Poco Lino t-shirts. And a fucking Millet jacket. The only item that doesn't make my eyes bleed when looking at old photos is the Millet jacket, because lo and behold, the logo was only sewed on the inner pocket. Plus it was a nice red and black jacket, actually.

Today, the only thing I own that in any way insists on making its brand known is an Esprit bag, and even that is very discreet with its little zipper dangling things and logo-embroidered lining. Especially compared to the disgusting Louis Vuitton bags with LV LV LV LV LV LV LV stamped all over.

Just don't do it.
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Husband's mother died yesterday.

Hurried to old hometown, did Family Things with husband and his father and sister, am back and trying to figure out what to do with kitty for a few days when I go back for the funeral.

Husband is doing okay. So are his father and sister. In fact, his father is holding up remarkably well despite being the one who's lost the love of his life and had the great misfortune of finding her dead upon returning from Denmark and not being there with her when her body gave up a long and pretty gruesome fight against cancer and terrible cancer treatment.

God, it was weird being in their house without her around.


Oct. 9th, 2008 04:31 pm
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Soooo... you know these extremely portable new mini computers, like Asus Eee and Acer Aspire One and such? I know [livejournal.com profile] issendai does, at least.


Well, technically it's my job's, but you get the idea.


Oct. 7th, 2008 07:14 pm
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The tooth is out.

But there's a but.

It took fifty minutes.

Having a muscular guy bend and saw and chisel and tug away on the most stubborn molar on the face of the planet for almost an hour means that while the hole left by the tooth is a shining example of good dentistry and doesn't really hurt, the rest of your skull throbs and aches and smarts. Like fuck.

Why yes, I do feel a little out of sorts, thanks for asking.

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Dear Diary,

today I broke a molar. It doesn't hurt at all, but there's a great big gaping hole on one side that feels like it goes on and on right up into the sodding bone.

That particular tooth should have come with a return guarantee. It's always been weak and rubbish and it's acted up on me ever since it first peeked out. It's always been prone to cavities, pieces have come off it twice before (and been fixed twice, thank you very much) and I've had it with that tooth.

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow to get this fixed, and by "fixed" I mean sent to sleep with the used tampons and floss. I'm not paying to get that thrice-damned tooth repaired again. I can live a full and rich and utterly satisfying life without it.

Incidentally, this is the one Great and Awful Tooth Damage in my life that I'm fairly certain can't be blamed on the quack dentist who treated me until I was 15. He couldn't be arsed to clean out cavities properly before filling them, and that has cost me two teeth, leaving me with one empty tooth-space and one crown. However, this particular tooth was all bad before he could fuck it up.

Not that he helped, I suspect. The free dental care for children is a good idea, but unfortunately the school dentists seem to habitually fuck up how people view dental care (I'm told they're the primary source of fear of dentists), and in my case the tosser literally fucked up my teeth by not bothering to do a halfway decent job.

He's also the reason why it took a specialist in fear treatment to get me semi-able to deal with dentists, by the way.

This mess has the interesting side effect of making me miss the very first department meeting with New Boss, which is sort of very fucking much something I'd rather didn't happen. Oh joy and otherworldly delight, this is a fantastic start. 

You're going down, tooth from hell. Tomorrow.

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“The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity.”

 - Voltaire

I'm easily irritated by lack of intelligence and common sense. More so than usual these days, thanks to this no smoking crap. Wandering about the intertubes, I see so much stupidity and I can't bear it, and I want to snark the shit out of it, preferably in a community of some sort, but I left [livejournal.com profile] stupid_free and [livejournal.com profile] sf_drama because I couldn't stand one more minute of the intensely annoying US-centrism.

[livejournal.com profile] mock_the_stupid 
is simply out of the question. It's got [livejournal.com profile] opalcat, for crying out loud. There's more stupidity among the members than in what they mock.

In other words, I'm sorely tempted to set up a non-US-centric community for the pointing and laughing at stupid fuckwits.

- - - -

By the by, as far as I can tell, it seems almost safe to pay for LJ again. The Russians haven't done anything that's annoyed me in quite a while. And I so miss my icons and my edit option.

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