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In the lovely land of Norway there is one (well, many, but one that's nagging me at the moment) problem: you can't get your paws on vanilla extract.

Vanilla extract is basically spirits + vanilla. Grocery stores in Norway can't sell hard liquor. Our specialty shops for that kind of thing don't sell baking supplies. American baking recipes very, very often involve vanilla extract. I'd love to use some American recipes. I'm fucked.

But! Spirits + vanilla? That's it? I CAN DO THAT.

Not a tutorial )

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Good dog, China Miéville. What you come up with. Un Lun Dun put me off you a little, as I couldn't get past page 5, but you are officially amazing again. Pardon me while I have a giant Fangirl Moment.

I bought the Bradt guide to Albania, and regret not taking all of this summer's holiday there instead of taking a day trip or two from Corfu. There's so much there I want to see. Hell, I'm tempted to move there.

It's extremely non-INTJ behaviour to make stupid intro posts in communities and to be pro-ana. I feel a very strong urge to snark the shit out of such a person, but I'd rather not get banned from the INTJ community. But still. PRO-ANA. It's disgusting.

I need to go to IKEA tomorrow and I wish I had a nice friend who could drive me there and then drive me and my purchases home. Bugger this living-in-a-city-with-no-excuse-for-not-using-public-transport and bugger my environmentally friendly friends. Okay, I don't actually mean that. It's just that I'm not looking forward to hauling IKEA bags around on bus + underground (which, incidentally, is mostly overground where I live).

We have a new guest cat. This time our cat isn't mortally afraid of or furiously angry with the guest, they have peaceful meow natters. Odd, but long may it last.

Can my holiday start soon? My brain needs some rest so it can pull itself together and come up with something not quite this scattered and silly.

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Ohgod how I HATE the fact that my workplace has made a deal with the most incompetent asshats in the history of travel agencies. We HAVE to book every damn trip through them or else.

As of yesterday we've sorted out their idiotic and completely unsanctioned double-booking of hotel, we've sorted out the 40-minute transit in Munich they booked for me and made them book an hour-and-a-half transit in Frankfurt instead, and we've sorted out the stupid hotel management as well (suddenly they had booked rooms for two people we've never heard of, and cancelled one of my co-workers). Hey, it's only taken us since FEBRUARY to get this right. Or rather, to get them to get it right.

As a bonus, they got us more expensive plane tickets and hotel rooms than a blind monkey on drugs could find.

True story: they booked a plane trip for our director with the neatest transit ever. Plane 1 was to arrive half an hour AFTER Plane 2's take-off.

Also, Tripadvisor users hate our hotel. It's a 4* "design" hotel with lousy reviews for hygiene, comfort, breakfast, you name it. The owner/manager apparently enjoys leaving comments on the reviews, and those comments are quite interesting. If you find the spewings of a highly offended and highly defensive whackjob interesting, that is.

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I'm on YouTube (that doesn't happen often) and I'm looking for geisha/geiko related videos (I'm terribly fascinated with their make-up). That is, I just typed "maiko" (apprentice geisha) into the search. YouTube helpfully suggested some common searches while I typed.

"Maikol Jakson".
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my name is : NN
iam read about your website ,and i wish to join with you .
i want to tell you somthing about my self,, iam from Palestine from Gaza ,i wish to complete my studing in  norway, also i have some descoveres ,and some researches , i think its may be new theory in our world ,but i have problem her in palestine to applay my theories becuase we here in siege , but iam not lose the hope fore you to helping me to come to norway to applay it , or helping me her in Palestine to do that if you can .
i have bechelore degree from X university , and i wish to complete  master in norway.
 now i want to told you about my research and  discovers and theories..
1-(every thing) physical theory  ,  i have my own research about it
2-psychology ,,,  i have three  theories about it
3-midicen  i have four theories about it ,
4-universal theories , about gravity and three somthing els in same   chapter
5-food , i discover new food to people who face some healthy problem
6- agreculture expirence
7-iam writer too , i have short story and novel  in Arabic and English
finally: i would like to find any job  in this department in your company
with best wishes


Apr. 15th, 2009 02:17 pm
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I've opted for getting a notification if someone on my friends list de-friends me. And it doesn't work, damnit.

It's not that I'm going to start a whingefest when I'm de-friended, unlike some who pestered me endlessly via e-mail when I decided I wasn't particularly interested in what they had to say. I don't think it's horrible to be de-friended, on LJ or IRL, and dog knows I de-friend quite a bit myself (interestingly, usually only IRL, it apparently takes a lot more to bore me or piss me off online).

I just like to know when it occurs. In this case, I can easily find the notification message about the person friending me, but the de-friending is nowhere to be found.

Actually, I probably won't de-friend back, since I enjoy reading this particular journal and don't have a hang-up on mutual friending, but I would have appreciated a notification so I could stop commenting, at least. I'm uncomfortable with pushing my comments on someone who isn't all that interested in me, and I strongly dislike feeling that I'm being pushy.

I've been told on several occasions that I'm very un-pushy, and I think my notion of my own pushiness is probably exaggerated, but even if nobody else on the planet find it irritating that a de-friended person yaks all over their journal, I would prefer being notified so I could peacefully read and keep my comment-gob shut.

Oh how I hate it when nifty features don't do what they're supposed to do.

Anyway. I require more interesting and preferably amusing journals to read. Do you have any suggestions, friends list?

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I felt so very tired just now, so I washed my face and brushed my teeth, and then I glanced at the clock.


Good one, body. Go all "waaaah I'm so tired put me under the duvet nooooow" at this ungodly hour. Didn't I give you enough sleep during the holidays? Come on, body, you were comatose for about 12 hours each day, including all the naps. Work with me here, surely we can manage to stay semi-vertical for an hour or so more.

I'll treat you to Top Gear. How's that? Richard Hammond, hmmm? Just one little episode? And then we can feel a bit guilty for enjoying such a massively politically uncorrect TV show and the guilt will keep us awake for another fifteen minutes. Also Richard Hammond. And we can skip the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car if it's a dull one. What do you think, body? Did I mention Richard Hammond?

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I'm afraid of dogs. I'm mortally afraid of some breeds, including but absolutely not limited to Rottweilers. I very much dislike the idea of dogs that are stronger than me, really. Dogs can shed their training and upbringing at the drop of a hat, should they choose to do so, and I don't want to be anywhere near a big strong toothy dog if it suddenly decides it hates humans.

And now one of my good friends goes and gets herself a fucking Rottweiler. A male one.

My approach to this is to befriend the damn dog fiercely while it's still small and cute, so I hopefully can dare to visit her even when the damn dog has grown up and become scary as hell. I shall ruthlessly teach it that I rank ten thousand times higher than it does.

This is why cats are always great, but dogs are often scary shit. Cats can't really do any actual harm. A fucking Rottweiler can.
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It's my husband's birthday today, and I got him a book about food fraud. I assume it was a success, since his grin threatened to split his face.

And since he got me a humongous box of chocolates for my birthday, I've now bought him very dark chocolate with cayenne, not so dark chocolate with orange and white chocolate with strawberries. Cayenne chocolate is amazing, really. Cocoa and cayenne were made for each other.

Which reminds me, a pinch of black pepper in tea (with milk and/or sugar if you like) is fantastic too. I do like me some bite.

On the other hand, I hate very spicy food with a passion. Perhaps it's because I like the taste of black pepper and cayenne and such, but not the kick. If my nose starts running when I'm eating, it's a sure sign I really don't like the food (nevermind what I say about it, to be polite). Cocoa and milky tea take the worst of the kick off, but sheeeesh over-spiced food without anything milky to soften the blow.

I fear there will be Thai food tonight, though, since it's the birthday boy who gets to choose the restaurant for his birthday dinner. Bring on the coconut milk.

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I was admitted to the rhetoric course.

My intraocular pressure has gone down a great deal.

I'm getting a MASSIVE tax refund.

I'm thisclose to actually physically performing the Snoopy dance.


Mar. 19th, 2009 08:23 pm
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I've just paid the deposit for two weeks on Corfu. HELL YEAH.

Is it August soon?

When I was a kid, I read a book by Gerald Durrell, about his childhood years on Corfu. I've wanted to go there ever since. Also, I've wanted to go to Albania since, um, forever. Terribly fascinating country. And hey, there are ferries to-ing and fro-ing between Corfu and Albania all the time! I GET TO GO TO ALBANIA. IN ADDITION TO CORFU.

No, really, is it August soon?


Mar. 16th, 2009 01:11 pm
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*mutter mutter mutter*

Work is being bitchy, I'm sick, my coffee doesn't taste right (and I'm not entirely sure it's a good idea to drink it, re: sick) and everything is wrong and meh and argh (behold my amazing wording skills). I want to go home to Philip Kerr.

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I've seen my eye doctor thing (can't remember what it's called in English, can't be arsed to google) today, and now I can barely see. Yay.

*tries to work*


And since my eye pressure is now sky high, I have to go back next month for another of these gruesome sessions. Yay.

*tries not to be worried about glaucoma*


Well, it can be treated with eye drops or surgery and whatnot, it's not dangerous. It's just a massive bother.
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It seems like the only entries I can be arsed to comment on in the various book communities I read, are the ones about books I hate. Not terribly productive, that, but I get so terribly fired up when people praise absolute shit.

It's probably time to keep to one's personal journal and mutter grumpily here, until one is fit for company again.

And sensationalist authors can go fuck themselves with rusty poles. The same goes for the so-called critics and the talk show hosts hyping them.

Me, I'll just keep re-reading Katharine Kerr, since the penultimate book in the Deverry series arrived the other day and I only need to re-read three more books before I start it. At least I know I'm reading purely for entertainment.

Oh, and my copy of this particular let's-pretend-this-iz-srs-booksie ended up in the School Choir Annual Flea Market Box.
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Well when I die don't you bury me at all
Just nail my bones up on the wall
Beneath these bones let these words be seen:
"This is the bloody gears of a boppin' machine"

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Meizu M6, my new second-best friend (nothing can replace Mininote as best friend), has arrived and is so pretty and shiny and small and shiny and black and shiny.

And has to be fully charged before I can fill it with music and video.

*twiddles thumbs*

More mail will arrive soon-ish; tea and clotted cream biscuits from Fortnum & Mason and two pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical. God, I love online shopping.

Maybe I should go look for the external hard drive. Seeing as I just remembered that ALL our digitally stored music is stored on that and not on the laptop, so putting music into the Meizu = using that hard drive. Also seeing as I just remembered that it's probably buried under two tons of crap in our spare bedroom but I'm not really sure where.

Blame Spotify for me not knowing where the music collection is.

ETA: Gotcha! External hard drive - check (am now a little dusty). Fully charged Meizu - check (only 3 hours!). MUSIC! And GORGEOUS sound!

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I just ordered this, to replace my battered old Sony and its idiotic proprietary software. Woo hoo!
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Let's talk about porn. Why yes,[info]skinfaxe, this is partly inspired by your recent entry.

More specifically, let's talk about saliva in porn.

I'll cheerfully admit that I haven't seen all that much porn, since visual erotica and pornography mostly bores me. However, in entirely too many of the naughty flicks and images I've seen there's a terrible tendency to spit on the female genitals, and that irritates me a very great deal.

Let's make this perfectly clear: a woman who is turned on, unless something's not entirely working regarding her natural functions, provides natural lubrication. There's no need for artificial lubricants, and there's absolutely no need to spit on her bits.

Personally I find the spitting disgusting, but if it floats the boats of the parties involved in the act, they may certainly indulge. I just can't for the life of me imagine why spitting seems to be a nearly mandatory part of pornography.

That is, I can very well imagine why. The ladies who get spat on are probably not particularly turned on by the stubby Moustache Monster or the claw-nailed fake lezzie getting up close and personal with them. They're probably downright desert-like in that region during the session.

Now, the other day I had the great misfortune of reading one of the Norwegian wymmyn forums I really need to stay far, far away from (I think I was looking for a recipe...), and stumbled upon a thread where one gal explained that the saliva thing is necessary when having sex with a circumcised bloke.

My reaction was, in internet terms, O_o and D: with a side of WUT.

According to this woman, a circumcised penis needs more lubrication than what a normal woman provides, and all American men scoff at using artificial lubricant because it's for gay men (let's O_o and WUT a bit more here). She had had sex with at least 100* American men, all cut, and they all spat on her before penetration. That's totally how they do it, like.


Circumcised penii can get in without saliva? You know, saliva that actually dries out the surroundings after a little while? In surroundings that are already properly slidy provided you're not doing it wrong? Not on my planet, no.

And yes, I have some experience with male circumcision in action.

My theory is that if the horrid woman on that forum is right, the spitting on desert-like turned-off girly bits in porn may have done something to the mind of young, impressionable boys and girls, to the point where they think hawking up a gob is a natural part of sex. I'd like to get it proved that the bint is wrong, though.

I'd also like a general spit ban in porn. Sadly that probably won't happen. But just imagine, pornography where the ladies are actually turned on - oh how nice that would be.

Tune in next week for While we're at it, ban the enormously long and sharp and generally ow ow ow fake nails in porn.

*another internet term

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