May. 5th, 2009

lectrix_lecti: (Retro travel)
Ohgod how I HATE the fact that my workplace has made a deal with the most incompetent asshats in the history of travel agencies. We HAVE to book every damn trip through them or else.

As of yesterday we've sorted out their idiotic and completely unsanctioned double-booking of hotel, we've sorted out the 40-minute transit in Munich they booked for me and made them book an hour-and-a-half transit in Frankfurt instead, and we've sorted out the stupid hotel management as well (suddenly they had booked rooms for two people we've never heard of, and cancelled one of my co-workers). Hey, it's only taken us since FEBRUARY to get this right. Or rather, to get them to get it right.

As a bonus, they got us more expensive plane tickets and hotel rooms than a blind monkey on drugs could find.

True story: they booked a plane trip for our director with the neatest transit ever. Plane 1 was to arrive half an hour AFTER Plane 2's take-off.

Also, Tripadvisor users hate our hotel. It's a 4* "design" hotel with lousy reviews for hygiene, comfort, breakfast, you name it. The owner/manager apparently enjoys leaving comments on the reviews, and those comments are quite interesting. If you find the spewings of a highly offended and highly defensive whackjob interesting, that is.


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