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my name is : NN
iam read about your website ,and i wish to join with you .
i want to tell you somthing about my self,, iam from Palestine from Gaza ,i wish to complete my studing in  norway, also i have some descoveres ,and some researches , i think its may be new theory in our world ,but i have problem her in palestine to applay my theories becuase we here in siege , but iam not lose the hope fore you to helping me to come to norway to applay it , or helping me her in Palestine to do that if you can .
i have bechelore degree from X university , and i wish to complete  master in norway.
 now i want to told you about my research and  discovers and theories..
1-(every thing) physical theory  ,  i have my own research about it
2-psychology ,,,  i have three  theories about it
3-midicen  i have four theories about it ,
4-universal theories , about gravity and three somthing els in same   chapter
5-food , i discover new food to people who face some healthy problem
6- agreculture expirence
7-iam writer too , i have short story and novel  in Arabic and English
finally: i would like to find any job  in this department in your company
with best wishes

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