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I'm afraid of dogs. I'm mortally afraid of some breeds, including but absolutely not limited to Rottweilers. I very much dislike the idea of dogs that are stronger than me, really. Dogs can shed their training and upbringing at the drop of a hat, should they choose to do so, and I don't want to be anywhere near a big strong toothy dog if it suddenly decides it hates humans.

And now one of my good friends goes and gets herself a fucking Rottweiler. A male one.

My approach to this is to befriend the damn dog fiercely while it's still small and cute, so I hopefully can dare to visit her even when the damn dog has grown up and become scary as hell. I shall ruthlessly teach it that I rank ten thousand times higher than it does.

This is why cats are always great, but dogs are often scary shit. Cats can't really do any actual harm. A fucking Rottweiler can.
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