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It's my husband's birthday today, and I got him a book about food fraud. I assume it was a success, since his grin threatened to split his face.

And since he got me a humongous box of chocolates for my birthday, I've now bought him very dark chocolate with cayenne, not so dark chocolate with orange and white chocolate with strawberries. Cayenne chocolate is amazing, really. Cocoa and cayenne were made for each other.

Which reminds me, a pinch of black pepper in tea (with milk and/or sugar if you like) is fantastic too. I do like me some bite.

On the other hand, I hate very spicy food with a passion. Perhaps it's because I like the taste of black pepper and cayenne and such, but not the kick. If my nose starts running when I'm eating, it's a sure sign I really don't like the food (nevermind what I say about it, to be polite). Cocoa and milky tea take the worst of the kick off, but sheeeesh over-spiced food without anything milky to soften the blow.

I fear there will be Thai food tonight, though, since it's the birthday boy who gets to choose the restaurant for his birthday dinner. Bring on the coconut milk.

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