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Meizu M6, my new second-best friend (nothing can replace Mininote as best friend), has arrived and is so pretty and shiny and small and shiny and black and shiny.

And has to be fully charged before I can fill it with music and video.

*twiddles thumbs*

More mail will arrive soon-ish; tea and clotted cream biscuits from Fortnum & Mason and two pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical. God, I love online shopping.

Maybe I should go look for the external hard drive. Seeing as I just remembered that ALL our digitally stored music is stored on that and not on the laptop, so putting music into the Meizu = using that hard drive. Also seeing as I just remembered that it's probably buried under two tons of crap in our spare bedroom but I'm not really sure where.

Blame Spotify for me not knowing where the music collection is.

ETA: Gotcha! External hard drive - check (am now a little dusty). Fully charged Meizu - check (only 3 hours!). MUSIC! And GORGEOUS sound!

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