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Conclusions from the MySpace poll: most people with an account don't really see the point of it. Also, we now know that girls/boys/sheep in Michigan need to lend a hand in order to rid MySpace of one stranger-harasser ;)

See, this is true statistics research - get some random (but not really) respondents and draw the conclusion that suits you best.

Is "harasser" even a word? *checks* Yep, it is. Fancy that.


I've been tidying up my clothes, binning a lot that I never wear and in some cases had forgotten about, and have to my astonishment realised that I must have had a few gothic moments. Black top with silver dragon on the sleeve!? Black top with fishnet sleeves!? The dragon one went right into the bin (there's no way that thing ever fit me, to boot - I tried it on and it damn near ripped over my pathetically small shoulders), but the fishnet one is actually quite nice. I've put it with my Sisters of Mercy tee, which is from back when they didn't make girly band tees so it's size E for Elephant. I remember swimming around in it in Roskilde one extremely hot summer.

My "I am the real JT LeRoy" tee resurfaced (been wondering where that was). So did a really nice offwhite shirt, a bloody briliant black shirt with extra long sleeves and my "Why?" tee:

Why? tee

See how worn and holey it is? I practically lived in this T-shirt for a couple of years, when I was 16-17. I can't bear to throw it away, even knowing I'll never wear the poor old rag again.

It reminds me of week-long parties, complete with the host taking off to drunkenly drive a pirate taxi for a while to get money for more moonshine. I recall political rallies and spending long frustrating hours arguing with right-wingers. I nonchalantly walked away from a guy all my friends thought was ultra hot, because I thought he was stupid, and I was wearing that tee then. It reminds me of promising myself I'd try to do at least some homework, but never having the time for it. I used to insist on being warm enough wearing that, a woolen jumper and a thin unbuttonable leather jacket when it was 15 below. It reminds me of wearing combat boots in summer. It reminds me of spending hours and hours playing backgammon at my favourite café, gradually learning how to drink coffee, when I should have been at school learning, well, school things.

There's no way that T-shirt's getting binned.
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Another day, another band - several, in fact.

King Midas used to annoy me no end, thanks to too-cool-to-be-cool singer, but they were a treat now. Good music, the singer has eased up a bit, all is well in the world.

Lukas Kasha, who played on the Underwood stage, is one of those bands I've heard about for ages but never gotten around to see, and now I'm regretting that and will attend every gig they do ever. New huge fan alert.

Cato Salsa Experience was utterly enjoyable. Also very fun to see 15-16 year olds flocking to the stage.

I've never seen The Hives live before. All style, no substance (really, does anybody buy their records for the music?), but great fun.

And then there was Roxy Music.

It's thirty years since their last appearance on a Norwegian stage. I'll admit that I wanted to see them now just to have seen Roxy live, as I didn't really believe it could be good. Well, it was good enough... And the audience was treated to two of the ugliest suits in the world:

As a youngster who's only heard Roxy on records (and Bryan Ferry usually do a few Roxy songs solo), I wasn't too impressed. But OK, it was fun enough.

Roxy Music setlist:
1. Virginia Plain
2. Street Life
3. Out of the Blue
4. Ladytron
5. A Song For Europe
6. Oh Yeah
7. My Only Love
8. Both Ends Burning
9. Tara
10. In Every Dreamhouse a Heartache
11. The Bogus Man
12. Jealous Guy
13. Pyjamarama
14. Editions of You
15. Re-Make/Re-Model

1. Love Is The Drug
2. Do The Strand

By the way, the weather was fine, which means my sunburn is killing me.

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