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 LiveJournal's list of most popular interests is now being censored.

The following interests are no longer among the most popular, according to SUP: Sex, Boys, Guys, Girls, Fanfiction, Yaoi, Hardcore, Porn, Bondage, Faeries, Pain, Depression, and Bisexuality.


Most heterosexual young teenagers list the opposite sex among their interests everywhere a list of interests is in order. I have no idea why LJ feels this practice is censorship material. Penpal ads used to have them when I was a kid, for fuck's sake. What the hell is wrong with being interested in the other, or for that matter the same, sex? I certainly hope LJ isn't going to defend that with some made-up paedophilia nonsense.

Speaking of the same sex, note that bisexuality is out. People glancing at what LJers are interested in must be spared the evil bisexuals, of course.

Also note that Blood and Drugs are still allowed to be officially popular.

Fanfiction is one thing. There are so many legal implications with fanfiction that it's almost understandable. But yaoi, porn, sex and bondage? Come on. People are interested in those things. LJ isn't for those not old enough to have the potential for that kind of interest.

You can just sit quietly and enjoy LJ hating on the bisexuals, the people interested in hardcore the music genre, depressed people and people who like drawing silly pictures of pretty girls with wings. Before SUP bought the show, users listing specific interests were banned. This is more roundabout, but who knows - today we keep mum about bisexuality being a popular interest, tomorrow we ban users listing it.

Or you can list Banned interests, and join (albeit it will have no effect on LJ) [profile] ljcensor2008. You can at least try.

ETA The day after: I'm fully aware that the interests are not banned, only hidden. Listing "Banned interests" resurfaces from the last hoo-ha. So does "are your interests lj-approved" and varieties thereof.

Also, poor "yuri" (hey there, [profile] minnesattva). Not among the popular interests. I feel an urge to add that, despite my great big lack of interest in it.

Over in [profile] minnesattva's post on the same subject I managed to suggest that LJ should just give up and start bringing in the dragon dildo ads. It was a joke, but I'm starting to warm to the idea.

Son of ETA: The filter in question has been removed. No explanation yet of why it was made in the first place. LJ staff member [personal profile] marta says here it was a mistake. Pardon me, but I find that somewhat difficult to believe.

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