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Dear reader: if you're not [livejournal.com profile] 90000065b, the following passage is probably of absolutely no interest to you.

There are no photos from the Flying Edward gig last night, for they were playing in front of an enormous window, and since this is the land of Norway, it was bright as day behind them and there was much bloody terrible light conditions.

Didn't get any video either, of course.

Hilmar needs to stop tweaking and tweaking and tweaking some old songs, as he has now made "Spell Your Name" fairly awful to listen to. Brief arguing broke out between me and my boyfriend, who thought the gig was mostly horrible. I found only the aforementioned song problematic.

On the bright side, they're using Kyrre much more now. He has a lovely voice which deserves to be heard, and heard it was last night.


All the non-[livejournal.com profile] 90000065bs, who are women and can relate or are men with possibly a less than healthy interest in women's underwear, can start reading here:

I've discovered a new and frightening world; the world of lingerie. Whereas some of us (read: me) shop in chain stores for underwear that's made from cotton, is comfy, doesn't ride up and doesn't have scratchy icky lace, some others apparently keep scary little lingerie shops alive.

I have now learned that it's perfectly normal to have strange little old women hooking up your corselet for you, nattering on about their own missing love life and interrogating you on wedding subjects that have nothing to do at all with whether the corselet straps will show under your wedding dress.

I have been scolded for buying the dress before the underwear, see strap problem.

I have also had it confirmed that bra cup sizes are utterly arbitrary. I already knew this well, but I was whipped into a D-cup bra yesterday and very fucking near had a nervous breakdown.


Jun. 26th, 2006 08:11 pm
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Strictly for Norwegians. Well, strictly for people in Oslo.

Flying Edward spiller på Sound of Mu, onsdag kl. 8. Vil du være med så heng på.
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As mentioned earlier, we went to see Th' Legendary Shack Shakers yesterday.

This is the first time ever I've been up at the barrier and been more worried about the singer than about the violent moshing going on behind my back. I have never, ever witnessed such activity onstage. Holy fucking hell. Very energetic band, aside from the aforementioned rabid singer. I'm not actually sure if I think this was a good concert - I certainly had fun, but I noted that a few meters from the stage, people weren't all that enthusiastic.

As to said singer: factor in the spitting, the snot, the almost-stepping on me and the ruffling of my hair (hopefully before he started blowing his nose with his fingers), and I stayed at the barrier for maybe half an hour before making a hasty retreat.

By that time, my knee throbbed. I don't suppose three gigs in four days is entirely recommended for shite joints.

The boyfriend bought a T-shirt, and later discovered that the merch man doubled as bass player (or the other way 'round, if you prefer).

Oh, and happy May 1st, ye prisoners of want.
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So we cut our hair to prove it
And we wore the clothes to prove it
And we armed ourselves to prove it
And we chose our place to prove it
And we danced that way to prove it
And we made ourselves believe it
Until all the world believed it
Until even you believed it

- New Model Army: Adrenalin

Well, that was far more fun than I expected it to be. New Model Army got the most enthusiastic audience I've ever seen in Oslo, and since it wasn't sold out, there was room for dancing. Lots of good old songs, which probably was what most of us were there for, and all over good, energetic, militant political pub rock.

As a bonus, my friend Trine and I ran into a couple of old mates. Re-bonding and reminiscing ensued.


Apr. 29th, 2006 12:54 pm
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Dumdum Boys on Thursday were absolutely brilliant. No surprise there - how could the best rock band in Norway (and easily one of the best in the world), playing at what could once again become one of the best venues in Europe, not be brilliant?

There was much grief, though, as Prepple didn't take off his shirt.

But still. It's impossible not to thoroughly enjoy screaming along to Møkkamann, Mitt hjertes trell, Splitter Pine (mandatory) and Metallic hvit. It's impossible not to be impressed that the audience knows the songs from the latest album almost as well as the old hits, and Seig jævel, Lunta brenner, Enhjørning and Takke faen work every bit as well as Dumdum songs should do live. Slave, Idyll (but exactly what did Prepple sing to replace the infamous word in Idyll?) and Hagelangs were all lovely. And, of course, I'm still sniggering because they finished with a Knutsen & Ludvigsen cover.

The annoying thing is that far too many social segments share a love of Dumdum Boys. My eyes almost started bleeding when I spotted a typical "I'm an attorney because my daddy is and now I work in his firm" bloke, wearing a black Dumdum T-shirt over his blue-and-white striped buttondown shirt. Ick.

Being back at Sentrum Scene was wonderful. I wholeheartedly agree with Prepple on how great it is that it's now run as a rock venue instead of a convention hall, by music enthusiasts instead of real estate cynics.

New Model Army tonight. Tee hee.
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The photos from the Flying Edward gig at Mir yesterday didn't turn out so well, except maybe two which will find their way to Flickr.

Anyway. Would anyone (read: [livejournal.com profile] 90000065b and [livejournal.com profile] she_dragon, but I'll cheerfully upload for others too) be interested in a three-minute video from the gig? One song, decent quality for a still camera with video, not so good bass-less stereo sound. If so, comment with e-mail address (comments will be screened, so no worries).

Edit: I'm having some problems with compressing the damn file. There is no way I'm uploading 368 MB to SendThisFile, that'll take three hours, argh. I'll get back to you on this.

Edit 2: Does anyone know about any FREE video converter software? I'm not going to convert so much video that I feel good about forking out $ 30 for some.
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Anyone up for me raving about seeing Depeche Mode live last night?

Actually, I'm a bit pissed off because I'm short, and terribly many concert-goers weren't, and we were stood to the back. All of this adds up to me not being able to drool as much over Dave Gahan as I wanted to.

They had a honking great backdrop with lots of screens, showing video of the goings-on on the stage, but since this is DM, the video was arted up. It was immensely beautiful, but the close-ups of Gahan grabbing his crotch were way too grainy. Hmph.

Singing along to "Personal Jesus" and "I Feel You" was great - hell, I've daydreamed for years about stretching my hands towards Gahan, howling "Reach out and touch faith".

Martin Gore wore a headdress and wings that made him look like a sinister chicken, but he sang three songs which almost made me ache with love for that odd bloke. Dave Gahan may be sex personified and have a godgiven voice, but Gore becomes larger than life on stage.

They went on really early, twenty minutes after I had fought my way in (bloody idiots with no grasp of queue politeness) and played for almost two hours. Bliss.

I didn't fight my way through to the merch, though, so no chest shots this time either. Tsk tsk. Let's hope there will be T-shirts at the Flying Edward gig tomorrow, but I seriously doubt it. Oi, [livejournal.com profile] 90000065b, should I get you one if they have any?


Feb. 25th, 2006 07:17 pm
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In a meme some time ago, I stated that I wanted to see Thåström live once more before I die. It's my pleasure to announce that this is accomplished.

Squee moments: Alla Vill Till Himlen (surprise surprise, and a great version), Du Ska Va President, Ungefär Så Här and ...Som Eld. Naturally, he played several songs from the latest album, and surprisingly at least one more from the Peace Love & Pitbulls era.

The thing is, Thåström has such a brilliant catalogue to choose songs from that a gig can never be truly bad. It can, however, leave something to be desired. I'm afraid he's gone too quiet now, he needs to rock it up a bit.

Also, at first the gig seemed like a bloody barista convention. Swedes immigrate to Oslo in hordes, as they make lots more money as baristas and bartenders here than they would in just about any job in Sweden, and apparently every single one of them had showed up to get embarrassingly drunk and dimly register that a Swedish hero was on the stage (two, I suppose, the guitarist in Thåström's band was the ugly fella from Bob Hund). Ah well, there were blessedly few of them at the barrier.

No chest shot this time either. I did buy a T-shirt (no shit), though.

Oh, and Danny has arrived. Plus, I bought a couple of Philip K. Dick novels, Frode Grytten's book about Dublin and a hopefully amusing book about being a culture-shocked Westerner in Japan. There was a sale at Tronsmo...
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First of all, Seigmen on Friday can be nominated for my Top Ten Best Gigs Ever List. Enthusiastic band, equally enthusiastic (and for bloody once low on the obnoxiusness factor) audience. The singing along on "Döderlein", "Mesusah" and "Hjernen er alene" was the loudest I've heard since Peter Gabriel doing "Biko", and there was about ten times as many people at the Gabriel gig, so...

I recommend such Down Memory Lane concert-going. Dumdum Boys and Raga Rockers coming up.

I can't remember when I last saw Seigmen live - Roskilde some year? Maybe not? Maybe in their hometown before they got big? I am certain I didn't think that Alex Møklebust was particularly hot back then, an opinion greatly amended now (the fucker is a year or two older than me, and looks ten years younger, hate hate hate). Actually, what I remember most vividly is Sverre Økshoff hitting on me on one occasion and me turning him down with my inborn snottiness in full bugger-off-you-prat mode.

For the record, I've always thought that the cover version of "Hjernen er alene" alone justifies Seigmen's existence. It's the darkest, creepiest, most beautiful lyrics ever, and deLillos' bleating original doesn't stand a chance against Alex' voice. It's a bit like 16 Horsepower doing their cover version of "Bad Moon Rising", it's doing justice to a great song.

In other news, I'm reading Wesley Stace's Misfortune and thoroughly enjoying it. There's nothing like quirky stories involving gender bending, bizarre chains of events and benignly insane characters.

Edit: Mostly for [livejournal.com profile] tragicsupergirl: this is a recent picture of Alex Møklebust.

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Despite getting a new band tee last night, I will spare the Constant Weadews another view of my breasts violently distorting a print. Actually, this could be a trick remark, as the print is placed so high that The Curse Of The C-cup doesn't affect it, but I'll still spare you yet another chest photograph.

Went to The Vineyards' release party at Last Train last night, realised that it's been some time since I've seen them as they've gotten better, and our little household went home with one CD and two tees.

This might be considered a wee kickoff for one of the most thrilling concert months ever, with Thåström, Seigmen and Depeche Mode lined up.

In other news, bloody Hard Rock Café Oslo has taken it upon themselves to interfere with Last Train's gigs, prohibiting gigs on Fridays and Saturdays and before 23 pm any other days. The wankers actually manage to blame it on the noise (oooh, hard rock indeed), instead of admitting that they're scared shitless of tiny Last Train a couple of meters up the street nicking a dozen or two of their customers.

Not that the newly opened Hard Rock Café will manage to get much cred or a suitable celebrity clientele in Oslo, no matter how much effort they put into repressing their friendly neighbourhood proper rock café. Native rock stars are secterist and snobby, and have their own hangouts (Last Train among them, of course). Hard Rock will probably only manage to attract Pop Idol has-beens and the like.

By the way, brownie points to anyone who knows the "Constant Weadews" reference.

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