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We finally got around to watching V For Vendetta yesterday, and noticed something awfully familiar.

Yep, you can get your very own mini reading lamp sound scrambling gadget. We've seen it at work in real life, and yes, it does unfold automatically in a very cool manner. It's cheap too, and comes with batteries - but sadly only with white light, not red. Some red foil might come in handy when you don't want to be overheard.

Today, we saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and I couldn't help but note the not-veiled-at-all reference to My Friend Flicka. Groan. Now that is said, if you haven't seen this film, run and get it. Now. It got a standing ovation at the Cannes festival for a reason.
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Saw Dead Man's Chest yesterday, and... um. It was fairly mediocre, I think. A stack of memorable scenes (Keira stabbing two of Davy Jones' crew at once, lots of things rolling madly around, Davy Jones puffing smoke out of a severed tentacle, yeah) and not much else.

Oh, I enjoyed it, and I wasn't bored for a second, but I really have to think to remember any of the plot and the goings-on. The Curse of the Black Pearl stuck far more in the brain.

DMC reminded me a lot of The Two Towers; the poor film stuck in the middle. The story and most of the characters have already been established, now we're just waiting for the finale.

In other news, the damn heat has been somewhat broken by a minor thunderstorm last night. Today, the air is fresh and the world looks clean, and I finally slept well and feel rested.

Plans for the day: go fill out a fucking form (note the alliteration) about going abroad while on sick leave, buy more Calabria coffee (the south of Italy is vastly underrated in several fields), buy some handy stuff for the vacation and call the mail order company that promised to deliver my goods on Friday and now casually mentions it will take 7-10 days.

That last one will gimme occasion for some delightful rage, I suspect.

ETA: No rage. Sorted. Whew.
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I'm up from the floor and quite comfortable, so the attentive weadew might deduce that the chair problem has been solved.

On to more pressing matters: can everyone please shut the fuck up about The da Vinci Code?

It's a completely rubbish novel. The title alone is enough - there is no such thing as an art historian who would think that Leonardo is called da Vinci. Brown's art historian imposter makes that immensely grave error all the sodding time.

So why give two bits about a film based on such an atrocity of a book?

Yes, I read the book. I cringed at the title, but soldiered on, only to find that I'd have been vastly better off re-reading Force 10 From Navarone for the umpteenth time. And it's not even one of MacLean's best.

Brown fails at art history, suspense and conspiracy theory. The only thing that kept me from death by boredom was my consuming fury at how he kept displaying that he knows fuck all about art history. I was later made aware of the fact that his wife is dabbling in it, and that she came up with all of the artsy and historical-y stuff for the novel. Let that be a lesson to all writers: do not let ignorant amateurs do your research for you.

There; now I've given that pile of elephant manure a few more minutes of attention. That'll be enough.

I had the good sense to go see The Matador last night. Now there's a good film, children.

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