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I fucking rawk at improvising and fixing and making things right when work stuff gets fucked up (and not necessarily by me, I might add (but sometimes it is in fact my own damn fault)).

And now to something completely different; does anybody on my friendslist play Human Age? I need somebody to natter with about it and their forum isn't in the least tempting. RiddleyWalker of the Troglo-Phones tribe, that's me (blatant hint to put me down as your sponsor if you sign up, so I can earn kneecaps). Oh and, yeah, I idiotically chose a male name and then set up my character to be a woman. Changing gender costs 200 kneecaps and changing name costs 250, and that's a whole lot of kneecaps, so the gender confusion will go on.

Sociology has much to answer for. Among other things that crap definition of racism as prejudice + power. Oi, that would be institutional racism. No need to reinvent terms just because you feel like it. What makes it worse is that so many Americans, at least on LJ, have embraced that definition and refuse to acknowledge other definitions.

I'm home alone every evening this week. Since Mr Beach refuses to eat pancakes, that means it's serious pancake time.

This post is starting to look like a rather too accurate snapshot of how my brain wanders.

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