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Birthdate:Jan 10
This is where I'm supposed to write something in order to make myself come across as witty and intelligent and generally appealing to whoever manages to stumble upon my journal.
This is where I'm supposed to drop a number of subtle cultural references in order to attract the right readers.
This is where I'm supposed to, in a few well-formed sentences, market myself as a blogger worth paying attention to.

Instead, allow me to tickle your curiosity with a bit o'the old "what do others say about [personal profile] lectrix_lecti".

Far far too good at using her second language as a first rate weapon.
- [personal profile] saeble

Literary, assertive, brash, bold, titanium coated, with a soft, squishy centre engulfing a heart of gold.
- [profile] pgmcc

Enigmatic Norwegian who loves dem memes.
- Chancery Stone

Intriguing and worthy of further study.
- [profile] lynkemma

Smug cunt.
- resident stalker

- [profile] lilwing123

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120 days, 16 horsepower, alain robbe-grillet, alexander kielland, alternate history, andré bjerke, angela carter, anthony burgess, are your interests lj-approved?, asterix, beat writers, boris vian, china miéville, crocheting, david bowie, depeche mode, det_är_jag_som_är_döden, dumdum boys, e.e. cummings, einstürzende neubauten, el caco, enki bilal, finn coren, flying edward, forumwarz, futoshiki, geekery, george orwell, george r. r. martin, gonzo, grinderman, günther grass, historical fiction, history, hubert selby jr, hunter s. thompson, iain banks, iain m. banks, imperiet, j. g. ballard, jane austen, jesus & mary chain, jim jarmusch, john irving, john steinbeck, johnny cash, jr ewing, jt leroy, kaada, kaizers orchestra, knitting, les negresses vertes, lian hearn, linguistics, lj fuck-ups, lukas kasha, luther blissett, lynn flewelling, magic realism, marcel proust, margaret atwood, mark lanegan band, medieval history, michael ende, michael nyman, morphine, muse, musterhaus, natsuo kirino, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nick cave, non-fiction, photography, pj harvey, raga rockers, raymond carver, retro t-shirts, ricochets, roald dahl, sarah waters, scarlett thomas, shirley bassey, silverbullit, steampunk, steven brust, steven pinker, steven saylor, system of a down, the beautiful people, the black heart procession, the cramps, the cure, the gun club, the national, the the, the white stripes, thin white rope, thore hansen, thåström, tom waits, tor åge bringsværd, transmetropolitan, truman capote, twin peaks, twinemen, umberto eco, violent femmes, william faulkner, xtc, yarn, yeah yeah yeahs
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