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In the lovely land of Norway there is one (well, many, but one that's nagging me at the moment) problem: you can't get your paws on vanilla extract.

Vanilla extract is basically spirits + vanilla. Grocery stores in Norway can't sell hard liquor. Our specialty shops for that kind of thing don't sell baking supplies. American baking recipes very, very often involve vanilla extract. I'd love to use some American recipes. I'm fucked.

But! Spirits + vanilla? That's it? I CAN DO THAT.

Cast of characters:

1 cup of hard liquor
6 vanilla beans
1 suitable bottle or jar or something

If you want to make more or less extract, keep that ratio. It's pretty much off food regulations for the extract, believe it or not.

As for the intoxicant, vodka makes for a nothing but vanilla flavour, but you can use pretty much anything you like. Maybe not Islay whiskey, but certainly rum or brandy. I opted for golden rum. I like the flavour and I had a giant bottle of golden just sitting there. For the love of everything holy and especially various baking gods and goddesses, don't use moonshine.

1. Split the vanilla beans. Scrape out the seeds and dump them into the jar. Cut the bean skins in pieces (I cut them in three to make sure they fit in my jar) and dump them in too.

2. Pour the booze over the vanilla mess.

3. Shake vigorously.

4. Repeat 3 every day for a week.

5. Let it sit for five more weeks. Shake vigorously now and then.

6. Go bake something.

Homemade vanilla extract

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