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Good dog, China Miéville. What you come up with. Un Lun Dun put me off you a little, as I couldn't get past page 5, but you are officially amazing again. Pardon me while I have a giant Fangirl Moment.

I bought the Bradt guide to Albania, and regret not taking all of this summer's holiday there instead of taking a day trip or two from Corfu. There's so much there I want to see. Hell, I'm tempted to move there.

It's extremely non-INTJ behaviour to make stupid intro posts in communities and to be pro-ana. I feel a very strong urge to snark the shit out of such a person, but I'd rather not get banned from the INTJ community. But still. PRO-ANA. It's disgusting.

I need to go to IKEA tomorrow and I wish I had a nice friend who could drive me there and then drive me and my purchases home. Bugger this living-in-a-city-with-no-excuse-for-not-using-public-transport and bugger my environmentally friendly friends. Okay, I don't actually mean that. It's just that I'm not looking forward to hauling IKEA bags around on bus + underground (which, incidentally, is mostly overground where I live).

We have a new guest cat. This time our cat isn't mortally afraid of or furiously angry with the guest, they have peaceful meow natters. Odd, but long may it last.

Can my holiday start soon? My brain needs some rest so it can pull itself together and come up with something not quite this scattered and silly.

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