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It seems like the only entries I can be arsed to comment on in the various book communities I read, are the ones about books I hate. Not terribly productive, that, but I get so terribly fired up when people praise absolute shit.

It's probably time to keep to one's personal journal and mutter grumpily here, until one is fit for company again.

And sensationalist authors can go fuck themselves with rusty poles. The same goes for the so-called critics and the talk show hosts hyping them.

Me, I'll just keep re-reading Katharine Kerr, since the penultimate book in the Deverry series arrived the other day and I only need to re-read three more books before I start it. At least I know I'm reading purely for entertainment.

Oh, and my copy of this particular let's-pretend-this-iz-srs-booksie ended up in the School Choir Annual Flea Market Box.
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